Monday, November 10, 2008

Making Your Home A Haven: Tidy

After a full weekend I am more then ready to participate in Monica's Making Your Home A Haven week.

Today the subject is "Tidy" and boy do I need to tidy up around here! Isn't it amazing how cluttered your home becomes when you are barely there?!

On my list today:

*Tidy Kitchen: unload & reload dishwasher, set out meat to thaw for dinner
*Tidy Living Room: do quick pick up, light candles to make my home smell good
*Put away laundry
*Tidy Megan's room: toys from her toy box are around the toy box and not in it!
*Collect outgrown toys for charity
*Put coupons in organizer
*Make shopping list for Walgreens & CVS
*Make appointment for grandchildren Christmas picture (gift for my in-laws)
*If time: Tidy Megan's closet

I will post later today with my results. Have a great day making your haven tidy!

I have completed most of my list. I had to leave a message at the photo studio and I need to do a little more work in Megan's closet. That might go on the list for tomorrow.

It feels great to have so many things ticked off of my to do list. Thanks for the challenge Monica!


  1. Hi Wendi, Looks like you're going to be a busy little bee! I have a few things on my agenda today, but not as much as you. Take care and enjoy your day.

  2. Megan is a doll! I loved your previous post picture of Megan in leaves. My girls enjoyed the leaves last week as we raked a big leaf pile.

    Don't you just love getting motivated to declutter. I did some of the same myself. :)

  3. Great job, Wendi! I love your before and after pictures - they show just how much you accomplished today! I hope you are enjoying the good feeling of getting those areas tackled!



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