Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Life's Bump

What do you do when life gets a little bumpy? For me the only thing to do is climb over the bump and just keep going. Well, we have a bump in the road at the moment.

I had noticed a smell like rotten eggs while doing laundry and then while weeding I noticed a wet spot by the house. Hubby dug up the area that was damp and we ran the washer.... water poured out the cinder block foundation of the house.

We had a plumber come out and with an estimate of about $3000 we went to plan B. Plan B is that we (meaning hubby) takes care of it. Plan B was to remove a wall of cabinets jack hammer up the floor and replace the broken drain pipe.

After Chuck's step dad came over tonight we are on to Plan C. The new plan is to only tear up the floor under the kitchen sink and then run a new pipe outside of the house. The only downside is that some of the concert on my wonderful back porch has to be removed. Although that is a bummer at least the pipe can be repaired with minimal disruption to the kitchen.

Speaking of the kitchen. I removed some wallpaper today. Look at my wonderful wall behind my counter top.

Yuck! I am sure that about 1986 that was one hot looking kitchen, but not so much anymore. We are talking about removing the back splash, but that involves lots of work and if I do that I would want a new counter top, but not sure if that is the budget.

The solution may be to just wallpaper again. Stay tuned for more fun from the kitchen!


  1. Oh dear. I pray you find an easy and affordable solution to your drain problem.

  2. I'd like to put white bead board, or embossed tin ceiling tiles on the walls between the counter and cabinets in my kitchen. Either would be affordable, especially the bead board.

    How awful to have a broken pipe in an area that is hard to reach. Good thing you have some handy men in your life.

    Good luck with the fix.


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