Thursday, November 13, 2008

Making Your Home A Haven: Fun, Inviting & Giving

Chuck and Megan went out for a milk run Wednesday night and Daddy bought Megan a treat for breakfast. A doughnut with sprinkles!

How fun!

After we were dressed it was off to the store. Boneless chicken breast were on sale and I had used my last package last week. My mom went to the store with us, so we did get off track today.

Grammi & Grandpa treated us to lunch from Dairy Queen. After that it was time for nap. I took a nap today so it was fun for me!

After resting we made our blessing wreath. (Sorry about the picture, I couldn't get Megan to stand still!)

I had traced my little blessings hand before nap and had the hand prints cut out. I took a paper plate and cut out the center to make the wreath frame. Megan then "painted" glue onto the back of her hand print and I helped her place it on the plate.

If she were a little older we would have written our blessing on each hand, but since she is two this is our version. She is proud of her wreath and had fun, which is the point.

Finally our drain pipe will be replaced! I can't wait to do laundry at home. So tomorrow I will be inviting the plumbers in for the day.

I was unable to make the banana cookies because the bananas were very brown once they thawed. Yuck! I will be making a quick batch of cookies in the morning to share with the plumbers tomorrow.

I have had a great time making my home a haven this week. A huge thanks to Monica for the inspiration!

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