Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin! Pumpkin!

The past week has been full of all things pumpkin. We started out the week by reading this book.

An afternoon of making paper plate pumpkins.

We were unable to make it the pumpkin patch due to the weather. We purchased a pumpkin at the grocery store which was just fine with Megan.

At first Megan wasn't sure about cleaning out the pumpkin until she saw Daddy do it. After that she had no problem.

She enjoys going out to light her pumpkin each night.

We roasted the seeds.

Megan had fun cleaning and salting the seeds, but didn't care for the taste.

I think this was the highlight of the week. I couldn't find my pumpkin cookie cutter so I just made circles.

Chuck and I ended up frosting most of the cookies. Megan was happy with just one cookie. I think she had the most fun licking her spatula!


  1. So cute, and what fun activities! I like that you added a dab of green frosting to the top of each cookie.

  2. I love the cookies! So cute!

  3. What fun activities to do with your sweet daughter!


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