Monday, October 13, 2008

My Red Door

Although we did not get everything complete on our list, we were able to accomplish a few things. I am so happy that I finally have my front door painted red! Navajo Red to be exact.

It is the same color that we painted our shed and also the window boxes. Now all of my outside doors are the same color. It only took us three years to get the front door painted! Oh well, it is done and I am pleased.

An unexpected expense and task this weekend was a new starter on Chuck's truck. It hadn't been starting correctly and sometimes would take several tries to get it going. He took it apart thinking that the connections might just need to be cleaned. One thing lead to another and he ended up installing a new one. I am just grateful that he could save some money by doing it himself.

Megan had an adventure this weekend. She went for her first sleep over at Grandma's. Everyone was shocked that I let her go and I have to say that I am still shocked that I let her go! She did really well. She went to bed with no problem and sleep from 8:30 until 1. She woke up two times after that crying for her Daddy but they were able to get her back to sleep. Both Grandma and Grandpa said they needed a nap!

I plan to stay home today and tick a few more things off my list. Have a great day!


  1. I love your door! That inspires me! We had a little time away this weekend from all our "littles" was wonderful! And of course, it helps us appreciate them more also...

  2. Your door looks really nice!

    Glad your dd's first sleepover went prety well.

  3. That color is really pretty for a door. I love red and need to repaint my hutch soon(dark red). Our lists of projects just never end, do they?!

  4. Dark red is my favorite color for rooms. I have a red door also and love it. My Gret Choice!!! So glad that your little one did so well at the grandprents house.

  5. Beautiful! I love red. Well, it took us 3 years to finish painting the outside of our house. There are still a few touch ups that need to be done. Crazy. I have so many projects, I don't know where to start. I need to get focused.

    Have a wonderful week.

  6. I love that shade of red. May I ask what company made the paint, and is the name of the paint color "Navajo Red"?
    If you still want the "Megan" ornament, my email address is
    I imagine that Chuck was thrilled that his baby girl cried for him when she had her first overnight at the grandparent's home!

  7. Your door looks so fall-ish, Wendi! How fun that Megan had her first sleepover.


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