Monday, September 22, 2008


I will start with the positive stuff. Remember this post about bedtime? Things have really improved. We are turning on a nightlight when we enter her room and leaving it on until we go in to check on her. We are also allowing her to pick two books from her bookshelf. We then sit her in bed instead of laying her down. We then tell her to read to her friends.

She happily goes to bed for the evening and nap time. We don't hear a peek out of her once we put her in bed. Thanks to everyone who left comments with suggestions and encouragement!

Now that not so great, but expected news. Grandma Gerry passed away Saturday afternoon. We expected it and received a call Saturday afternoon that she was going to be removed from the ventilator.

This week will be busy. It is the last week to keep my niece and nephew. The showing is Tuesday night and the funeral is on Wednesday. So, it I am scarce this week you'll know why. Have a great week!

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