Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This & That

The picture has nothing to do with this post except I like it. It is a window box on the side of my garage.

Speaking of my garage... today the door company is coming to install our new door! Yeah! I am so ready to get rid of the plywood. It is so attractive. I never really thought about how great it is to push that button and have access to the house and garage.

I received a call today from my cousin's wife. She had received some clothes from my recent garage sale for her granddaughter. She was going on and on about how they were the best clothes she has ever gotten from a garage sale and ended up asking if I had any clothes left. Why yes. I was able to sell everything of Megan's that was left over from the sale. She is ending up with something like 7 paperboxes of clothes. I am so happy! (And so is Chuck since we won't have to store it until next year!)

I recently found out that I will no longer be caring for my niece and nephew. I currently have them four days a week. I have mixed emotions about them no longer coming. I am sad that Megan will lose her playmate and the extra money has been really nice. Since they arrive at 6:30 in the morning it has made for some long days. I have also had a few difficult moments because they parent very different then we do. I will miss them, but it is always better when mom can stay home. Since I was pre-paid through the end of the month she decided to work until then.

I have a busy day planned for today. Baking some banana and zucchini bread. Some for my father-in-law and some for the freezer. There is tons of branches and pine cones that have to be picked up before the grass can be cut. Thanks Ike! Luckily Chuck took the day off so he will be here to take care of the garage door business and to help we out with the kids.

Have a great day!


  1. Thank you for passing along the great tip about free books at The Great Book Foundation to Amy @ MomAdvice! She passed it along to me and I just posted it on my blog. Thank you!

  2. Oh, I know you'll be happy with the new garage door. We sure get used to our modern conveniences, don't we?
    Have a great day!


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