Monday, August 04, 2008


On Saturday I attended a coupon seminar at church. It was given by a lady named Heidi. It was very strange to hear her talk about Crystal from MoneySavingMom. Such a small world!

She shared her fantastic binder. She uses the baseball card holders, puts her coupons in alphabetical order by brand name and staples multiple coupons together. I had tried paper clipping like coupons together. That did not work so well. I can't wait to try stapling them together.

She put on a nice program. There was a lady sitting next to me that had just starting to clip coupons so I am sure this was very helpful for her. She had a print out with resources such as coupon sites, books and even places to donate the free items your family won't use.

It was fun to be around like minded people. So many look down on the couponing gang. I would encourage those good at couponing to consider a program like this for your church. I can only imagine the money I might have saved if I had been taught the tricks of the trade earlier!

I had been lax with my CVS shopping. Heidi helped to get me back into the game. I didn't have many ECBs so I ended up spending $23 out of pocket, but ended up with $22in ECBs.

Thanks for the motivation Heidi!


  1. I've recently started using the binder for coupons, too. I love it! It's so easy to see what I have and I find that I'm able to use more coupons this way as well.

    The coupon seminar/session sounded really great! I'm glad you could attend!:-)

  2. I've been working on my coupon stash, too. Getting organized is key to making it all work!


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