Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Trash to Treasure: Watering Can

I made this "watering can" using an empty shampoo bottle I had for our carpet cleaner. It was so easy to make. I cleaned the label off of the bottle and rinsed the bottle out really well. I then spray painted it black and painted on a pot of what are suppose to be sunflowers sitting in a pitcher. I think it turned out pretty well since I am no artist!

I wish I could claim this wonderful idea as my own, but I can't. I found the idea here. Be sure to check out Leslie's version. She used a larger laundry detergent bottle and she has a great talent with a paint brush.

I love the idea of taking something that I have lying around and making it into something usable!


  1. Very creative. I usually just use a regular water pitcher, but I'll keep this in mind.

  2. Ditto Carrie's comment! This would be cute with an empty laundry soap bottle though.

  3. How cute and Creative! Great job!!

  4. Great way to recycle! :)


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