Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thinking About...

This quote...

Make "someday" today.

Guess where I found this quote? On the wrapper of a Dove chocolate!

I found it about a week ago and it has been on my mind often. I started thinking about all of the things I have been planning to do. And not doing. I started ticking things off of my list today.

Today I cleaned the outside of my kitchen cabinets. I didn't realize how bad they really were until I started cleaning them. That is something I need to add to my routine. Even hubby noticed the difference.

I sewed the ties back onto a couple of the kitchen chair cushions. It takes no time to do this. I keep thinking I needed to do this, I just keep putting it off.

The freezer in the garage was gone through. I made a list of everything in there and brought food in to fill up the kitchen freezer. I am so glad that is complete. We were both getting tired of searching for things in there.

I have some other task that I plan to complete very soon. I need to paint the living room ceiling so I can hang wallpaper. Wallpaper I receive for Christmas over a year ago! I just keep saying "someday" I will get to that!

I also want to touch up a couple of spots in the bathroom and re-decorate it. I want to stencil some wording around the top and make some things to have a more primitive style.

I plan to stop putting things off until someday and actually start doing things!


  1. Isn't it funny how we put things off thinking they will take *so* long and they really don't take all that long, plus the benefits of having them done is huge. Great job on your accomplishments! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your list, Wendi--very motivating!

  3. You did ALL THAT by 6:31 this morning!!! I'm impressed big time! I was just getting out of bed at 6:31 this morning. I bet it feels good to have so much done. Great Job!

  4. Great job, Wendi! This post was very motivating to me.


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