Friday, August 24, 2007

First Haircut

As you can tell from the photos it was not a pleasant experience for Megan. Good thing it was quick!

This is after we returned home. See no damage was done and she no longer has bangs hanging in her eyes! Have a great weekend.


  1. I've been keeping up with your blog - love your crafts and just saw that we have a lot in common as we are both adoptive mothers w/ PCOS. Your daughter is super precious!

  2. Am I a terrible person if I laughed at these photos?! Her expressions are just too much!

  3. Oh! I used to be a hair stylist and I've had a few of those in my chair. It takes a lot of patience from the one doing it. Looks like they did a good job. She is so cute.

  4. That was me as a child! I was TERRIFIED of the scissors... come to think of it, I still kind of scared!! Hee, Hee!

  5. Bless her little heart!

    My son reacted the same way when he had his first haircut. Just wait 'til she's a little older; she'll just love getting pampered. :)

    Mrs. C

  6. Your daughter is too precious!

  7. She is so beautiful you are blessed

  8. OOOH!!! She looks too cute!! Even upset she is as adorable as can be!!!

    I've trimmed Elizabeth's hair twice since we've been home. I want her bangs to grow out and it is a PAIN right now. I know that we need to go to a professional for the next trim and I KNOW that Elizabeth will have a meltdown!!!

    Mrs. U

  9. I have read your blog from front to back and I have cried and felt so many emotions. I am so amazed at how Megan was meant to be is like she was just waiting for you to come and get her. How blessed your family is. I love all your crafty Ideas and really enjoy your blog.


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