Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mitford Series: A Light in the Window

I just finished the second book in the Mitford Series. When I started the series I had some comments that the books were slow. I would have to agree that they do move a little slow. I was not disappointed with that. I think it adds to the story. I was able to feel the slower pace of a small town and loved how you really get to know the characters. All I can say is... About time Father Tim asked Cynthia to marry him!

I am looking forward to moving on to the third book of this delightful series!


  1. I just finished the book today at lunch. At the risk of being stoned to death, let me say that if I were Cynthia, I would've dumped Father Tim a while ago & pursued Andrew Gregory ;D I like FT's character, but it was frustrating how back & forth he went. (DUCKING MY HEAD NOW!)

    I'm taking a break from Mitford for a couple of quick beach reads. I think Mitford is best enjoyed in front of a roaring fire in the fall & winter, with a nice cup of hot tea. So, I'll pick back up in cooler weather when I feel I have more time to savor the town.

  2. Hey, glad to hear someone else like the "Mitford Series". I have read the first 4, in the series. I started #5 awhile back and need to get back to it.

    It would be nice to live in a town like Mitford. I just love Father Tim, his wife and all the rest of the people, in the book. Very relaxing reading.


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