Monday, July 30, 2007

FTIA Adoption Reunion

We had a busy weekend, so get ready for several post! Saturday morning we headed out for the annual FTIA Adoption Picnic. This was tons of fun and there were tons of people!

We were able to connect with most of the families that traveled to China the same time we did. It was nice to see all the babies and how much they had changed. The park was really nice. A great playground, great food, and many things for the children to do. Megan's group is still pretty young so we spent most of our day spread out on blankets just chatting. This is just a fraction of the babies that were adopted on our trip. There was a total of 33 families that traveled with us. Megan is in the last stroller on the right. She all laid back and sound to sleep. The day was just too much for her!

It was great to see everyone. We are looking forward to seeing our local families for our September play date!


  1. I'm still just sick that we missed it. I know it was the right decision because Sera was truly sick all day, but I just wish it hadn't been that day.

  2. Looks like a fun day!!! All that love in one place. Those are some pretty special friends.

  3. What a FUN day!!! Our travel group (10 families) is so spread out, I doubt we'll all get together again. Sad.

    Mrs. U


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