Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Canning: Cucumbers

My cucumber plant only produced blooms this year. Fortunately my mom has had a bumper crop this year. I took this

and ended up with this.

I canned dill pickle spears and slices. I also canned Bread & Butter slices. Those are my favorite. If you have never canned pickles, you should give it a try! Much easier then I thought it would be.


  1. You've been canning too!!! Great job - what a terrific feeling and I love opening my cabinet to see all those beautiful jars lined up! :)

  2. I did pickles too this year and was surprised at how easy they are to make! Great job!

  3. Glad you're back! I'm determined that I'll make pickles at some point in the future...but just can't seem to get it together right now.

  4. Ooh!! Would you mind sharing your recipe for dill pickles? I have never tried making them because everyone around here only makes bread and butter pickles and we LOVE dill!!

    Mrs. U

  5. Mrs U,
    I don't have a secret recipe for dill pickles. I used the bag of Ball Dill Pickle Mix. The directions are on the back. You mix the season packet with vinegar & simmer, then you ladle over your jars of cucumbers. Then you process according to the package directions. Not sure if your Walmart has a clearance isle. During the winter I found the pickle mixes there for .25 cents a bag. Let me know if you attempt this.


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