Monday, April 16, 2007

We're Home

We arrived home on Thursday evening, April 12th. Megan put on quite the show for our family and friends. She was smiling and kicking, like she knew she was finally home.

Not long after we returned home this is what greeted us.

Very thankful that it fell this way. Had it fallen the other way it might have hit our neighbors house.

I am still trying to figure everything out. Wednesday is the first pediatrician appointment. I am looking forward to that. I have been winging so much that it will be nice to have reassurance that everything we are doing is correct.

I may be asking some of you to share schedules as I work toward figuring everything out.

Jet lag is still hanging around. Each day is getting better. Megan sleep through the night last night, which really helped us.

Parenthood is everything I imagined and more. It is exciting, rewarding and very exhausting! I wouldn't change a thing!


  1. Congratulations! How exciting. I wish peace, love, sweetness, and restful nights for all of you!

  2. Anonymous10:59 PM

    Welcome Home and glad to see you back to posting. I thought you all might be needing a day or two to get some sleep and to get 'back' to the US.

    Looking forward to your updates!


  3. Welcome Home! So happy for you all. Megan is delightful from everything I've read so far on your Journey to Megan blog. It sounds like she senses that you all are her permanent family and is so very happy about that.
    May God's blessings shower down on your sweet family!

  4. Wendi, I've been praying for you...


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