Friday, April 20, 2007

Crafting: Doorbell Hanging

During nap time yesterday I made a two sided sign for the doorbell. Yes, that metal gadget the sign is hanging on is our doorbell. We have a home build in the 1950's and are lucky that no one removed the vintage doorbell. You turn the handle and there is a ball that strikes a plate to cause ding dong sound.

The bell is quite loud and it never fails that someone shows up while she is sleeping!

Turn the sign over and this is what you will find. I love to be outside. Once the weather gets warmer we will spend more and more time outdoors.

I printed the wording using Word and used scrap card stock for everything else. The ribbon I had on hand. To laminate the sign I used clear contact paper. I have a roll of the contact paper that comes in quite handy.


  1. What a great idea! & a job well done too :)

  2. Great Idea!!! And it looks great as well.


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